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    DMA Management

    • DMA Partitioned

    • DMA Classification

    • DMA Techniques

    • DMA Partitioned

    The DMA Partitioned Management is to build isolated regions in the water supply system by closing the valve or installing a flow instrument. These regions are either virtual or real. By counting the water volume flowing into or out of a region, and analyzing the data, workers could decide when and where to check the pipeline and take precautions for leakage actively.

    As a part of the Water Supply Pipeline Network Management System, the DMA Partitioned Management enables the water distribution system to run systematically. Besides, it also strengthens human resources management, which effectively reduces the distribution losses in water supply. In a word, the DMA Partitioned Management helps alleviate distribution losses and maximize water suppliers’ profit.

    1. Objectives for DMA Partitioned Management

    To optimize enterprise management, clarify rights and duties of each department in water supply companies, and focus ourselves on the most profitable business are the main objectives for the DMA Partitioned Management. Through the DMA Partitioned Management, we keep a close eye on the water supply system, analyzes data collected from the pipeline network, and diagnose pipeline leakage, which provides scientific support for network management.

    Briefly speaking, the implementation of DMA Partitioned Management contributes to narrowing the distribution loss rate, distributing resources including manpower and materials rationally, and forming a more scientific and rational operation pattern for water suppliers. Therefore, a long-term control on leakage and loss is the main target for DMA Partitioned Management. Details are as follows:

    (1)It provides references for regional reconstruction of water supply pipeline network, maintenance of measuring instruments, and water supply planning.

    (2)It takes positive action to inspect leakages of the pipeline network and locates the leakage position precisely so as to fix the problem swiftly and reduce water loss.

    (3)It helps water supply administrative departments detect accidents like tube burst and leakage in time.

    (4)Targeted management and control of pressure are feasible by adjusting water pressure in DMA regions to the optimal degree, which enables the pipeline network to operate under an optimal pressure. It helps lower the bursting rate and the physical loss of water and hence improves water supply service.

    (5)Targeted updating and maintenance of investment makes it more systematic.

    2. Input of the DMA Partitioned Management

    The establishment of DMA Measuring Management Zone demands for constant personnel management. To make sure the data of flows in pipelines is true and accurate, we should add the amount of flow instruments or even change them. Moreover, we should add the number of or transform valves to assure the pipeline is well-sealed. Or the data collected might be misleading or useless. Therefore, the DMA Partitioned Management needs capital investment.